10-Day Sugar Detox DIY Online Program

By Hollis Baley

This program is a 10-day introduction to crowding sugar out with whole foods and smart nutrition. You will experience the amazing shifts in your body, mind, and spirit in just 10 days by learning how to eat clean and make healthy choices when it comes to nourishing yourself with whole foods.

This Do-It-Yourself program includes a step-by-step Program Guide, Meal Plan, Recipe Book, and Shopping List. 

Coaching support is provided via daily emails and is available 24/7 on the Private Facebook Group Support Page.

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Includes meal plan, foods list, info on digestive health, supplementation, and more!  


Simple, easy-to-follow recipes that go along with the Meal Plan for your program.


Detailed shopping list that goes along with the meal plan for the program.


Receive daily support emails to keep you accountable and inspired throughout your journey!


Get access to Hollis and the Nutrition By Hollis Community on this page. Ask questions, post recipes, receive support 24/7!

“Hollis’ 10-day sugar detox was ace! I live 700 miles from Oregon, and felt the full benefits of her online program! The support from the daily emails, and Facebook Page were very helpful. Delicious recipes, daily journaling, and daily challenges really helped me in improving physically and mentally, and pushed me to achieve my goals! I’ve lost 8lbs (unintentionally), and am feeling stronger than ever! I feel so rejuvenated.”

Lindsay - Banff, Alberta, Canada

"I am very pleased with doing the 10-Day Sugar Detox and the results I got. Your program was a sinch to follow, full of knowledge and guidance. I was very impressed with how well written and easy to follow the program, recipes, even shopping list was. Your words of encouragement, inspirational and spiritual guidance, and the daily lessons along with journaling was awesome, kept me on track and only makes me want to continue to learn and grow in so many areas. I am beginning to lose inches. I have much more energy, am less moody, and am more Zen like these days. I have replaced coffee with lemon tea as you suggested and it really does help kick start the day. Writing in my journal has given me a whole new perspective on most everything. I feel like I am just beginning to understand how foods effect my body so I plan to continue this journey for many moons. I miss not getting your emails every morning to help get my day going. Feeling blessed that you have come into my life Hollis. You have definitely helped me so much already but I feel we’ve only just begun. Look forward to what lies ahead.

Debee - Pacific City, OR

Hi there! I'm Hollis.

“I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Health Coach. I overcame drug addiction in my early 20's by learning to live a life of holistic nutrition. I worked to correct my biochemical imbalances, replenish my nutrient deficiencies and optimize my digestion. I work with clients to do the same - whether they struggle with addiction, chronic disease, or simply want to optimize their health - because I believe these to be foundational pieces in our health. 

I've learned of the healing power in eating whole foods, proper supplementation, and good self-care. I've learned how to love myself, work through my emotional traumas, embrace my empathic nature, and connect intimately and be vulnerable with others. I've learned a lot about who I am and how to navigate my way in the world because I thrive on the experience of freedom - from addictive behaviors, harmful chemical substances, and self-limiting beliefs. I now get to help others heal their bodies, minds, emotions, and souls by teaching them the same tools."

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