UPCOMING CLASS: April 4th - May 2nd 


When: Tuesday evenings, 6:00-7:30 PM

RESTART Program: 28-Day Whole Foods Detox

Part nutrition education, part sugar detox, part group support - an EMPOWERING combination!

This class meets once a week for 5 weeks. You will RESTART your body, mind, and emotions by learning how to nourish yourself with whole foods and rejuvenating lifestyle practices.  

Experience what it feels like to live a life based on holistic health principles. Feel the nourishing support of having a coach and cummunity supporting you through it. 

I want you to be living the life you've always wanted, feeling energized and high on life. This is the perfect place to start that journey!

What kind of transformations can I expect?

Here are just a few of the BENEFITS of doing a sugar detox and practicing radical self-care:

Weight loss, increased energy, better and more restful sleep, boosted immunity, mental clarity, improved mood, decreased anxiety, reduced PMS/menopause symptoms, decreased inflammation, freedom from cravings, heightened creativity, feelings of inspiration, grace of movement, emotional freedom, gained self-respect, increased confidence, and feelings of being in love with yourself and more present in life.

Program Overview & Support Materials

This class is a 5-week class designed to RESTART your body, mind, and emotions. We will meet once per week and cover a different topic each night.

The program is part nutrition education, part healthy lifestyle coaching, part sugar detox, and part support group – an empowering combination! This is a true holistic approach to learning how to nourish your body with real foods and radical self-care. I believe these to be the foundations of good health, and without the foundations, your fortress cannot stand strong.

This is a perfect place to start if you are looking to really make some changes in your life in regards to your health. I will lead you through 5 classes. I will point you toward the support materials as we go along. I will ask you to implement small changes into your daily routine at a pace you can manage. 

At the end of the 5 weeks you will have new lease on life! You will know how to prepare and cook whole foods. You will feel energized and clear on where you want to take your health journey following the detox. You wll be free from cravings. You will have a community that supports you.

7-Day Meal Plans

Choose from a variety of meal plans to use. Each meal plan includes easy-to-follow recipes and shopping lists. I developed these meal plans while focusing on ease of preparation and cooking. Making whole foods should not be tiring and cumbersome, but it does take preparation and a little planning. 

This detox is not about counting calories and restricting portions. It is about eating whole foods that will nourish and regenerate your body, and restore its natural metabolism and healthy detoxifcation. 

Weekly Class Topics

I will lead you through a series of health discussions that will educate and empower you to take your health into your own hands. I believe healthy digestion and blood sugar regulation are the foundations of good health - both of which will be improved by doing a sugar detox.

During this 5-week program you will literally reset your physiology. The information in these classes will empower you by giving you a grasp on the damaging effects that toxins like sugar, processed carbohydrates, and hydrogenated oils have on our bodies.

Resources & Guides

These support guides have been developed based on 3 years of teaching this program and coaching clients. They will help support you to make the transition into living a holistic healthy life. 

I will point you toward them throughout the program, and they will come in especially handy beyond the 5-week detox. Chalked full of support and juicy health info, they are an empowering resource for you to further your health education and journey toward living a nourishing holistic life.


“I am astonished at how addicted I was to sugar. I started the program at 216lbs. and am ending at 201lbs. In addition, I feel that my mental clarity has greatly improved. Breaking my dependecncy to sugar is like receiving a new lease on life!”


“I joined RESTART because I felt I could improve my health from removing sugar (and alcohol) from my diet. The weekyl classes back up the RESTART by explaining how the body works, and by giving reasons to eliminate/moderate the intake of certain foods and drinks. I feel lighter, more in control of my body, and happier with my health overall after completing this program!”


“I took this in February and lost over 10lbs. instantly. More importantly i can really sense the difference when I eat things with too much sugar. I also discovered that this is not nearly as hard or miserable to prepare and eat food that will keep my energy up and weight down.”


“My usband and I did Hollis's sugar detox and it was LIFE CHANGING! It's defintely some prep work and the first few days were challenging but after you get over that you will feel glorious! Not to mention I lost 10lbs. in 10 days and have not craved sugar since I stopped, or gained the weight back. It's not so much about a diet but a reality check - even for those of us who think we are eating pretty healthy. Honestly - this is life-changing and Hollis knows her stuff!”


Hi there! I'm Hollis...

Founder of Nutrition By Hollis. I am a Nutritonal Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, entrepeneur, sugar detox enthusiast, writer, traveller, runner, surfer, lover, friend, daughter, grandaughter, sister, niece, cousin, aunt, student, teacher, spiritual gangsta'.

Hollis Baley, NTP, BS Biology

“I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Health Coach. I overcame drug addiction in my early 20's by learning to live a life of holistic nutrition. I worked to correct my biochemical imbalances, replenish my nutrient deficiencies and optimize my digestion. I work with clients to do the same - whether they struggle with addiction, chronic disease, or simply want to optimize their health - because I believe these to be foundational pieces in our health. 

I've learned of the healing power in eating whole foods, proper supplementation, and good self-care. I've learned how to love myself, work through my emotional traumas, embrace my empathic nature, and connect intimately and be vulnerable with others. I've learned a lot about who I am and how to navigate my way in the world because I thrive on the experience of freedom - from addictive behaviors, harmful chemical substances, and self-limiting beliefs. I now get to help others heal their bodies, minds, emotions, and souls by teaching them the same tools."

Get Started Today!

Begin living the holistic nutrition lifestyle you've always dreamt about! 

Say BUH-BYE to cravings, extra weight, and guilt. Say HELLO to nourishing meals, sustainable energy, and radical self-care!